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Protect Your Property: Schedule Termite Treatment Services in Missoula, MT

Do you think there might be termites in your walls or the wood around your home? Have you noticed unexpected wood-related changes on your property? Guardian Pest Solutions offers both residential and commercial termite control and treatment solutions in the Missoula, MT area. We’ll make sure your home or office is termite-free by providing an inspection and treatment, if necessary. Contact Guardian Pest Solutions today to speak with an exterminator in Missoula, MT. 


Our exterminators are expert in preventative care. Many new construction, FHA and VHA loans in Montana now require preventative termite care for homes and properties to approve loans. We help real estate agents and homeowners with scheduling termite service and filling out the forms needed to help with your loan. 

5 Effective Ways to Control and Prevent Termites on Your Property

One of the best ways to take care of termites is by preventing them from taking up residence in your home or office in the first place. There are numerous ways to deter termites from your property, including: 


  • Reducing moisture around your structure
  •  Storing wood at least 20 feet away from your home
  •  Scheduling regular termite inspections
  •  Looking for changes in the wood at your home or office
  •  Repairing any rotten wood 

Keep an eye out for signs of termites around your commercial or residential property. Call (406728-7378 today to schedule a termite inspection in Missoula, MT. 

Our Subterranean Termite Control Services

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into maintaining your commercial property. Don’t stop at pest control! We offer top-notch commercial termite treatment solutions for businesses of all sizes and types in the Missoula, MT area.  


If you’re building a new home from the ground up, save yourself the hassle of treating pests down the road with our initial subterranean termite treatment services for residential properties. Our services include: 


NPMA-33: Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report 

HUD-NPMA-99-B: Subterranean Termite Service Record 

Soil Applied Liquid Termiticide 
Exterior soil around foundation is treated after the home is fully built. This can also apply to homes post new construction. Using the process of injecting directly into the soil every 12 inches around the foundation. 

Wood Applied Liquid Termiticide 
Wood applied process is most effective. 
When home is just the foundation, floor joists, footings, and stick walls. 
After plumbing, electrical is installed. 
Wood applied process allows for direct treatment of wood that would be the first contact. Application is a spray and foam that permeates the wood. The process has a industry standard of a 2 year guarantee, while products themselves have a 12 year warranty. 

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